Administrator’s View

As an admin, you’ll have more than one entry point into the system:

On the controller node (or nodes, if using dual controllers):

  • a web interface to the Scyld Cloud Portal, for SCM orchestration, VM management and accounting information

  • an ssh interface to the underlying host operating system and components:

    • OpenStack CLI commands for images, flavors, and VMs
    • SCM, Linux, and OpenStack troubleshooting

On the vmhost nodes:

  • an ssh interface to your VMs, for access to your applications.

You won’t normally interact directly with Scyld Cloud Controller, Accountant, and Auth. Like the MySQL database and OpenStack services, they are back end components that communicate with the front ends and one another. See the Troubleshooting section of this guide for tips on how and when to look into these hidden components if problems arise.