HPC Computing Solutions

Penguin Computing’s solutions portfolio spans compute and application servers, storage and high speed interconnects for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Hyperscale data centers. Our core products in these areas are recognized as Penguin servers, storage and switches. Penguin also resells 3rd party hardware and software products to provide a “one stop shop” and single point of support experience.

Tundra Extreme Scale (ES)TM

Tundra ES delivers the advantages of Open Computing in a single, cost-optimized, high-performance architecture. Organizations can integrate a wide variety of compute, accelerator, storage, network, software and cooling architectures in a vanity-free rack and sled solution. This allows them to build optimized Intel CPU, Phi, ARM or NVIDIA systems with the latest Penguin, Intel or Mellanox high-speed network technology for maximum performance.

  • Compute and Storage Servers
  • Storage Solutions
  • Software Solutions
  • Networks
  • Support and Services
FrostByte Penguin Computing Open Compute Solution


FrostByte is a complete solution that integrates Penguin Computing’s new ScyldTM FrostByte software with an optimized high-performance storage platform. FrostByte will support multiple open software storage technologies including Lustre, Ceph, GlusterFS and Swift, and will first be available with Intel’s Enterprise Lustre. The entry-level FrostByte is a single rack with 500TB of highly available storage that can deliver up to 18GB/s and 500K/s metadata ops/s over Intel OmniPath, Mellanox EDR Infiniband or Penguin Arctica 100GbE network solutions. A single FrostByte “Scalable Unit” can deliver up to 15PB and greater than 500GB/s in 5 racks. Multiple Scalable Units can be combined to scale up to 100s of petabytes and 10s of terabytes/sec of aggregate storage bandwidth.

  • FrostByte-L
  • Scalability
  • Support

Penguin Computing On DemandTM (POD) HPC Cloud

Use a high-performance, HPC computing environment in the cloud without having to invest in on-premise infrastructure with free expert support in a secure on-demand environment.

Cloud Workstations

Scyld Cloud WorkstationTM is POD’s accelerated, remote desktop visualization solution designed for HPC desktop applications enabling real-time interactive GUI workflows and 3D visualization, with no large downloads.

Scyld ClusterWareTM

The web-enabled, HPC cluster management software that ‘just works’, Scyld ClusterWare is a complete, easy-to-use cluster management solution that is fully compatible with RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.

Scyld HPC Cloud ApplianceTM

Scyld Cloud Manager (SCM) is a comprehensive management tool to cloud-enable HPC environments, streamlining the management processes and averting bottlenecks.

Arctica Software Defined NetworksTM

Cost effective, enterprise-class software-defined networking switches capable of meeting increasingly large-scale and complex requirements.

Fully Integrated Racks

We build highly efficient large-scale server solutions specific to your actual workload and data center environment. We also offer energy-efficient solutions built according to Open Compute specifications.

Open Compute Project Solutions

As a part of the Open Compute Project (OCP) collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure. We provide high density, high power OCP-ready HPC solutions.


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