TundraTM Extreme Scale (ES) Series:

The Next Generation in High Performance and Scale-out Enterprise Computing

Tundra ES delivers the advantages of Open Computing in a single, cost-optimized, high-performance architecture. Organizations can integrate a wide variety of compute, accelerator, storage, network, software and cooling architectures in a vanity-free rack and sled solution. This allows them to build optimized Intel CPU, Phi, ARM or NVIDIA systems with the latest Penguin Computing, Intel or Mellanox high-speed network technology for maximum performance.

Leverage Cloud Computing: Add cloud computing options to extend critical HPC and Data Centric Computing resources across the entire enterprise, providing maximum access to problem solving capabilities. Or extend on-premise Tundra capacity with Penguin Computing on Demand’s cloud service.

Scalability: Scale out with a solution that protects capital investment for years to come, and leverages the latest options for up to 100 Gigabit Software Defined Networks. A variety of storage options enables the combination of dense compute and high-performance storage in a single rack.

Customization: Customize Tundra ES to exactly meet your needs at the best price performance. Whether air-cooled or water-cooled, using the latest Intel processors or newest ARM chips, configured with fast Ethernet or high-speed Infiniband, or boasting the next-generation NVIDIA or Intel accelerator, Tundra ES will be your application workhorse for years to come. Starting in the factory, Penguin Computing’s engineers can configure and customize your environment with a variety of operating systems and system management solutions. We will install both open source and commercial applications.

Disaggregated Power: Rack level power infrastructure, pooled power needs to optimize power efficiency. Each power shelf contains a pool of rectifiers that can be dynamically managed to operate at most efficient mode depending on current rack power load.