Tundra® Extreme Scale (ES) Series:

The Next Generation in High Performance and Scale-out Enterprise Computing

Tundra ES delivers the advantages of Open Computing in a single, cost-optimized, high-performance architecture. Organizations can integrate a wide variety of compute, accelerator, storage, network, software and cooling architectures in a vanity-free rack and sled solution. This allows them to build optimized Intel CPU, Phi, ARM or NVIDIA systems with the latest Penguin Computing, Intel or Mellanox high-speed network technology for maximum performance.

Leverage Cloud Computing: Add cloud computing options to extend critical HPC and Data Centric Computing resources across the entire enterprise, providing maximum access to problem solving capabilities. Or extend on-premise Tundra capacity with Penguin Computing on Demand’s cloud service.

Scalability: Scale out with a solution that protects capital investment for years to come, and leverages the latest options for up to 100 Gigabit Software Defined Networks. A variety of storage options enables the combination of dense compute and high-performance storage in a single rack.

Customization: Customize Tundra ES to exactly meet your needs at the best price performance. Whether air-cooled or water-cooled, using the latest Intel processors or newest ARM chips, configured with fast Ethernet or high-speed Infiniband, or boasting the next-generation NVIDIA or Intel accelerator, Tundra ES will be your application workhorse for years to come. Starting in the factory, Penguin Computing’s engineers can configure and customize your environment with a variety of operating systems and system management solutions. We will install both open source and commercial applications.

Disaggregated Power: Rack level power infrastructure, pooled power needs to optimize power efficiency. Each power shelf contains a pool of rectifiers that can be dynamically managed to operate at most efficient mode depending on current rack power load.

Tundra Extreme Scale HPC
tundra ocp server 1930e penguin computing
Tundra Extreme Scale HPC
Tundra Extreme Scale HPC
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