Efficiency Is Everything

The Open Compute Project (OCP), which is dedicated to more efficient computing, has reimagined and reengineered datacenters. OCP infrastructure and system level innovation applies to hosting provider, cloud computing and high performance technical computing environments.

Bridging the principles of OCP with HPC provides a way to balance complexity, energy consumption, space and cost considerations against demands for compute-intensive applications. A well-designed OCP solution for HPC should deliver:

  • Computing power commensurate with HPC workloads
  • As high of server density per rack unit as possible
  • An array of storage options

Penguin Computing® Goes OCP Platinum

As a Platinum Open Compute Project member, Penguin Computing is dedicated to ushering OCP efficiency and innovation into the HPC world. Moreover, our roadmap and delivery dates are aligned with those of all major technology leaders.

Open Compute Project
We provide built-to-order data center solutions based on the Open Rack standard and OCP principles. All of our OCP racks are engineered for maximum power efficiency, serviceability and cost efficiency from the ground up. Our racks feature three 13x OpenU zones plus one 2xOpenU zone for network switches.

We provide OCP-ready HPC solutions that deliver:

  • Higher power – 30kW+, compared to the current OCP limit of ~12kW
  • Higher density – 3 servers per 1 rack unit, versus OCP standard of 2
Open Compute Project

TundraTM ES – Total OCP Solution

Tundra Extreme Scale is the next generation of high performance and enterprise computing.

Open Compute Project

Open Compute Servers

OCP servers and storage solutions built for both open bridge racks and 19″ EIA racks.

Open Compute Project

Open Bridge Rack Design

EIA and OCP-compliant vanity free racks in single, dual or triple power zones.