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Driving Down HPC and Data Center Costs, Increasing Performance and Efficiency

Since the start of the Open Compute Project (OCP), Penguin Computing has been a major contributor to the effort to improve efficiency in the high-performance computing (HPC) space. Penguin Computing engineers are focused on creating infrastructure designs that balance complexity, energy consumption, space and cost considerations with demands for compute-intensive applications and using OCP solutions is a critical way to ensure this happens.

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“From OCP’s inception, Penguin Computing has been committed to bringing our deep knowledge of Linux and HPC and collaborating with like-minded solution providers to deliver innovative, affordable solutions that increase efficiency and, ultimately, change the face of high performance computing. We’re looking forward to what’s next.”

Philip Pokorny, CTO, Penguin Computing, OCP HPC Incubation Committee Representative

Phillip Pokorny, CTO, Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing CTO Selected as HPC Representative of OCP Incubation Committee

In February 2018, Penguin Chief Technology Officer Phillip Pokorny was selected as the HPC representative of the OCP Incubation Committee.

The Incubation Committee of OCP works with the OCP Foundation to review all specifications and designs that are submitted. Its members help set goals and direction for growing the community. Because of their diverse technical backgrounds, as well as their insight into technology verticals and trends, subject members advise on contribution guidelines and project scope and reach.

Penguin Computing Suggestions for Changes to OCP Specifications

Penguin Computing is very interested in your feedback. We encourage you to review these proposals to change OCP technical specifications and send feedback to customers@penguincomputing.com.

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