Tight Resources, Fluctuating Needs

When it comes to technology, Internet companies face a difficult balancing act. Funds for technology must be carefully managed, yet user demands can fluctuate wildly and site or application performance is critical to business success. You need solutions that can:

  • Scale up and scale out on the fly when computing demand spikes
  • Provide optimized performance in a dense, cost effective configuration
  • Speed time to production

The Penguin Computing Advantage

Penguin Computing uses open technology to provide Internet companies with cost-effective, high-performing and highly scalable hardware and software solutions. We can help you drive innovation by providing dense, high-performance, build-to-order solutions.

We also specialize in cost-efficient on-demand solutions for private and public clouds that support efficient cloud bursting to PODTM, Penguin Computing’s HPC cloud (or others). Our customized, built-to-order, turnkey rack solutions that are fully integrated and tested prior to delivery.