Massive Data, Complex Strategies, Split Second Timing

Financial firms fighting for an edge must have the ability to effectively and efficiently manage more and more complex information sets and ever-increasing message volumes. Some of the challenges in the financial marketplace include:

  • Rising market data rates
  • Innovative trading strategies and complex algorithms
  • Time-sensitive trading
  • Globalization and regulatory challenges

The Penguin Computing Advantage

Penguin Computing has deep expertise building customized high-performance distributed computing platforms that run complex algorithms to process data-intensive workloads. Our combination of HPC and high-performance networking expertise makes us the vendor of choice for some of the most reputable trading institutions.

  • High-performance networking — Open switches that features full bisection bandwidth and line rate L2/L3 throughput for efficient performance.
  • GPU computing — Custom server configurations that harness graphic processing units (GPUs) to run your key trading applications orders of magnitude faster than other solutions.