Scyld Cloud Manager

Comprehensive management tool to cloud-enable HPC environments

Managing the administration requirements of a multitude of users and groups in an HPC environment is a complex challenge. Penguin Computing® designed ScyldTM Cloud Manager (SCM) to streamline management processes and bottlenecks.

SCM, which can be integrated with an existing HPC cluster or run as a standalone VM cloud environment, is a comprehensive solution to manage users, groups, VMs, storage, access control and reporting of an HPC environment. It also provides a brandable web portal front-end for administrators and end users. An Internet-based platform, SCM uses Web service APIs to provide an extensible framework for custom integration into your existing IT infrastructure. What’s more, SCM includes Scyld Insight, a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) for monitoring HPC cluster health, job workflows and log files while providing end-users the ability to submit HPC compute jobs via a GUI or API interface.

  • Fully integrated, HPC cloud solution for administrators and end-users
  • Guided self-registration Web portal to on-board users onto HPC resources
  • Virtual machine (VM) lifecycle management for simplified resource control
  • Web portal interface allows access rights management and system monitoring
  • Live and historical usage reporting for billing and chargeback management
  • Web service application programming interfaces (APIs) for reporting, resource management and access control
  • Flexible VM configurations that can support remote 3D visualization servers
  • Ceph storage for redundant, high-performance VM storage