About the Valkre Series

  • Based on Cavium ThunderX family, with up to 48 cores per socket and multiple optional offloading engines
  • Optimized for virtualization: large core counts, large memory support and multiple integrated 10/40Gb Ethernet interfaces
  • Available in both conventional EIA (19″) and Open Compute Open Rack v1 form factors
  • Commercial or free Linux distribution options: Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu
  • Three-year warranty included with every server
Valkre Servers

Valkre OCP Servers

Roles & Features



Special Features

For networking, storage and security applications

1 OU (OpenU), 3 Servers per Shelf, Dual Cavium ThunderX Processors

Technical Specs



PCIe Slots

Memory Capacity

Cavium ThunderX

1x PCIe Gen3 x16 LP / 1x PCIe Gen3 x4 LP

Up to 1TB DDR4-2133MHz (16x DIMMs)

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Valkre Servers