Arctica 4806xp Network Switch Features

  • Broadcom Trident II Packet Engine
  • 48x 10 Gigabit SFP+ host ports
  • 6x 40 Gigabit QSFP uplink ports
  • Redundant 2x 460W power supplies
  • Airflow configurations for both front and rear facing I/O layouts
  • Hot swappable fans

Data Sheet

Penguin Computing® Arctica® switches are cost-effective Layer-2/Layer-3 capable top-of-rack switches, with models suited for aggregation and access layer roles. The latest 4806xp model is based on a ‘merchant silicon’ platform – The Broadcom StrataXGS® Trident II.

Penguin Computing Arctica 4806xp switches can be deployed in a top-of-rack role to support any mix of 10 and 40 GbE host and spine interconnections. An open selection of copper and optical transceivers are available, allowing user to customize the switch’s application. In an aggregation layer role, Arctica 4806xp switches are capable of L2 and L3 routing protocols.

Penguin Computing offers the following software stacks: Cumulus® Linux® and CanonicalTM Ubuntu® with Broadcom® ICOS (Integrated Clouding Operating System). Cumulus Linux is the industry’s first true Linux network operating system with network-optimized kernel that supports Layer-2 and Layer-3 architectures. Canonical Ubuntu with Broadcom ICOS is a CLI-oriented network OS with the full Layer-2 and Layer-3 feature set of the Broadcom data plane. Arctica switches are available with Cumulus Linux or Broadcom ICOS preloaded, backed by hardware and software support options.

Switch Chassis
QSFP Cabling and Transceivers
SFP+ Cabling and Transceivers
SFP+ Cabling and Transceivers
SFP+ Cabling and Transceivers
Mounting Hardware
Mounting hardware for common 2- and 4-post racks.
Power Cord
Power cord options for switches with dual AC inlets or a single DC inlet
Support options for Arctica switch hardware.
Hardware Support
Support options for Arctica switch hardware.
Options for switch firmware.