Treat Geographically Distant Data Like its Local

Get faster transfer and collaboration, easier access and analysis, and more return on investment

More Effective than Managed File Transfer, Landmark Speeds

Teams are no longer defined by physical location. Lack of access to data is lack of analysis. Lost time translates into lost opportunity. And the amount of data just keeps growing.

How does a video production engineer or automotive manufacturer or data center administrator meet these challenges?

The landmark AccelionTM platform delivers consistent, reliable, and easy-to-use long-haul file transfer in an enterprise-ready platform supported by the experts, all while routinely performing at least three times faster than leading managed file transfer (MFT) products. The Accelion platform also uniquely empowers clients by providing a global namespace or network-mapped drive volumes as a shared storage overlay for moving or accessing data across a wide-area network (WAN). This approach enables previously impossible workflows on remote data sets.

The Accelion platform creates a global storage fabric that sustains high network bandwidth utilization (typically around 95%) and minimizes the effects of latencies. This delivers predictable data access or data migration, allowing organizations to accurately and efficiently manage employee and compute resources. This is a huge advantage for enterprises who want to move to a hybrid cloud model to handle bursts in production requirements and shift some capital expenses to operating expenses.

Accelion PetaByte Data Transfer Results

Technical Achievement

  • Simulated distance of 4,500 kilometers (2,800 miles)
  • 1.0056 petabytes of data (a mix of files, ranging from 10 GB to 1 TB in size)
  • Transferred in 23 hours 19 minutes
  • Consistent performance (less than 30 second variance across 52 runs)

Resolving Industry-Specific Data Challenges

federal government-managed-data-access-platform accelion penguin computing



  • Limitations in securely sharing data across the organization, from the data center to the tactical edge
  • Timely access is mission-critical but difficult and costly
  • Bandwidth of existing terrestrial and satellite networks are insufficient for mission-critical applications
  • Integrity of source of authority can be lost under traditional data transmission methods


  • Brings a common information sharing platform that bridges data centers, cloud, and tactical environments
  • Optimizes bandwidth utilization of existing links and across diverse networks (satellite and terrestrial)
  • Using line-speed encryption enables secure delivery of data for mission-critical applications
  • No data manipulation is required, preserving integrity of source of authority



  • Driven by need to improve exploration and development yields, data storage requirements are exploding with petabytes and even exabytes of data related to seismic surveys, geological sub-surface structures, historical logs, well production databases, drilling/testing results, etc.
  • Data, compute, and workforces are geographically dispersed
  • Enormous need to reduce electricity/cooling – effectively reducing the total cost of ownership


  • Delivers expedient, geo-diverse data collection and processing, yields insight into viability of a well before expensive exploration and extraction
  • Optimizes well performance with near real-time access to field data
  • Improves ROI by enhancing utilization of compute resources
media-entertainment-managed-data-transfer accelion penguin computing

Media & Entertainment


  • Explosive growth in storage requirements (4K+ resolution, 60+ fps, 10-bit color-depth video)
  • Significant delays in moving and sharing content between global teams (from capture in the field to post-processing)
  • Distribution difficulties due to unpredictable delivery times
  • Potential for IP theft


  • Provides complete flexibility for content acquisition, production, archiving, and distribution workflows with the strategic choice to transfer content or access it in-place
  • Enables richer production capability – remote editing of full content immediately, while removing the limitation of only working with a subset of the content
  • Improves monetization of archived content by providing predictable access to it
  • Avoids data duplication (reducing storage costs) and copy sprawl (protecting IP) by remotely accessing content securely and in-place
climate-weather-forcasting-managed-data-transfer accelion penguin computing

Climate Modeling & Weather Forecasting


  • Reliance on accurate and precise data from all over the world, including data collected at ground stations, aboard aircraft and ships, and on satellites in orbit
  • Timely access to geo-dispersed data is critical, particularly for weather forecasting, and long-term retention is essential for climate modeling
  • Distribution of weather products (curated data sets, forecasts, and models) experience delays with traditional methods


  • Lower storage costs by reducing copy sprawl with in-place analytics
  • Deliver unified, seamless platform to share data across different processes and enhancing production capabilities
  • Enable near real-time access to data, improving time-to-forecast
  • Improve climate model accuracy with access to more and larger data sets
financial-services-managed-data-transfer accelion penguin computing

Financial Services


  • Data analytics require huge amounts of data to achieve statistical significance, resulting in an explosive growth in storage needs
  • Near real-time analytics for investment strategies, fraud detection, etc. are infeasible due to data access delays
  • Large, often geographically-dispersed, data sets introduce huge storage and network costs, as data must be migrated to perform analytics for investment strategies, fraud detection, etc.
  • Backup and recovery capabilities are insufficient to meet regulatory and business continuity requirements


  • Provides a common information sharing platform to manage, access, and protect geo-dispersed data
  • Delivers predictable data migration or in-place access for near real-time analytics
  • Enables data sovereignty requirements (e.g., GDPR) by accessing data in-place
  • Facilitate seamless backup of large data sets to remote, economical locations and near real-time disaster recovery to reduce downtime
life-sciences-healthcare-managed-data-transfer accelion penguin computing

Life Sciences


  • Massive volume of genomic, bioinformatics, and healthcare (imaging, OR recordings, etc.) data spread across global locations
  • Inability to deliver data-driven healthcare due to delays and costs in transferring or accessing large, geographically dispersed data sets
  • Limited capabilities for collaboration
  • Compromised security of valuable IP and sensitive/confidential data sets due to propagation of redundant copies


  • True collaboration among global teams to accelerate discovery and innovation
  • Efficient, unified data platform to manage large data sets for analytics (including AI-driven healthcare)
  • Secure management of sensitive, confidential data through fully-compliant, secure file transfer and in-place data access
engineering-manufacturing-managed-data-transfer accelion penguin computing

Engineering & Manufacturing


  • Limited capabilities to enable collaboration on large data sets of CAD/CAM, simulation, structured databases, etc. by global teams
  • Need to optimize costs by shifting CAPEX to OPEX
  • Need to shorten project timelines


  • Allows near real-time collaboration by providing secure data access to global team
  • Enables hybrid cloud approach, optimizing in-house utilization with bursting to cloud resources
  • Delivers unified, seamless platform to share data across different processes and enhancing production capability