TundraTM Software Solutions

Tundra ES is integrated with an array of software solutions to meet the most challenging engineering, scientific and data analysis needs. Solutions are optimized by Penguin Computing® solution architects and third-party solution experts.

Cluster Management

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Scyld ClusterWare®

Scyld ClusterWare is a proven and mature HPC cluster management system used by Fortune 500 companies, higher-education and government institutions. With over a decade of use and application optimization, Scyld ClusterWare offers a turnkey cluster management suite that is optimally tuned for HPC environments, pre-bundled with ready-to-run resource schedulers, shipped with optimized MPI implementations, tested to support hundreds of HPC applications, and includes support for Hadoop.



Adaptive Computing’s Moab software optimizes High Performance Computing, High Throughput and other computing environments. Moab powers many of the world’s largest computing systems.

TORQUE Resource Manager provides control over batch jobs and distributed computing resources. It is an advanced open-source product based on the original PBS project* and incorporates the best of both community and professional development. TORQUE may be freely used, modified, and distributed under the constraints of the included license.



SLURM is an open-source resource manager designed for Linux clusters of all sizes. It provides three key functions. First it allocates exclusive and/or non-exclusive access to resources (computer nodes) to users for some duration of time so they can perform work. Second, it provides a framework for starting, executing, and monitoring work (typically a parallel job) on a set of allocated nodes. Finally, it arbitrates contention for resources by managing a queue of pending work.



xCAT (Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit) is a distributed computing management software developed by IBM, used for the deployment and administration of Linux or AIX based clusters.


Grid Engine

Univa Grid Engine software manages workloads automatically, maximizes shared resources and accelerates deployment of any container, application or service in any technology environment, on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud Management

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ScyldTM Cloud Manager

Modern HPC environments require centralized administration, health monitoring, historical usage reporting, job workflow tools, self-service tools for end-users, and a mix of virtual and bare-metal servers for efficient operation. Scyld Cloud Manager tames complex complex HPC environments by providing an interface for administrators and end-users to manage HPC workflows in a cloud environment of virtual and bare-metal resources.



OpenStack is a cloud framework that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.



Metal as a Service brings the language of the cloud to physical servers. It makes it easy to set up hardware on which to deploy any service that needs to scale up and down dynamically; a cloud being just one example.



Mirantis OpenStack gives you freedom of choice while delivering the reliability you expect from traditional virtualization environments. As a pure-play solution backed by commercial support, it brings the agility of the cloud to your enterprise.

3D Accelerated Cloud Workstations



Ceph is an open source, distributed storage platform that provides object store, block devices (RADOS), and a POSIX-compliant filesystem.



The OpenStack Object Store project, known as Swift, offers cloud storage software so that you can store and retrieve lots of data with a simple API. It’s built for scale and optimized for durability, availability, and concurrency across the entire data set.

High Performance Parallel Storage

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The Lustre® file system is an open-source, parallel file system that supports many requirements of leadership class HPC simulation environments.



BeeGFS (formerly FhGFS) is a parallel cluster file system, developed with a strong focus on performance and designed for very easy installation and management.



The General Parallel File System (GPFS) is a high-performance clustered file system developed by IBM. It can be deployed in shared-disk or shared-nothing distributed parallel modes.

Data Analytics



Designed specifically for mission-critical environments, Cloudera Enterprise includes CDH, a popular open source Hadoop-based platform, as well as advanced system management and data management tools plus dedicated support and community advocacy from a team of Hadoop developers and experts.

Software Defined Networks

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Arctica® OS

The Penguin Computing® Arctica® Operating System provides complete Layer 2, Layer 3 and OpenFlow support for Penguin Computing Arctica family of SDN switches. Arctica OS supports typical distribution / aggregation layer configurations, high performance spine / leaf topologies and configuration via OpenFlow controller.



Cumulus® Linux®, the operating system for Open Networking, enables disaggregation of top-of-rack (ToR) data center switching akin to the well-established model of server hardware/software disaggregation. Open networking solutions based on Cumulus Linux and Penguin Arctica bare metal switches allow organizations of all sizes to leverage efficient data center technology developed by the world’s largest cloud operators.

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Pica8’s PicOS is a Linux-based operating system (OS) that transforms the Penguin Arctica switch into a tunable platform, helping customers build differentiated services while eliminating hardware lock in. PicOS provides extensive support for traditional switching and routing protocols with a rich Layer-2 and Layer-3 protocol stack, command-line configuration, automation, and support for full SDN programmability.



Midokura Enterprise MidoNet is a commercial product combining the most stable, production-hardened version of MidoNet for Network Virtualization with MidoNet Manager, big data analytics, longer term support and enterprise class 24X7 service level agreement.

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PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS) 4.0 helps enterprises and service providers operationalize their OpenStack cloud’s virtual network and SDN deployments.

Development Tools


Intel Compiler

Intel® C, C++, and Fortran compilers are designed to boost application performance by taking advantage of the ever-increasing processor core count and vector register width available in Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors and compatible processors.



The NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit provides a comprehensive development environment for C and C++ developers building GPU-accelerated applications. The CUDA Toolkit includes a compiler for NVIDIA GPUs, math libraries, and tools for debugging and optimizing the performance of your applications.


Pathscale Compilers

PathScale’s goal is to make it easier to develop and deploy 64-bit applications into clustered environments across a range of platforms. PathScale has developed one of the industry’s highest-performance C, C++, and Fortran compilers for 64-bit x86 and ARMv8 systems running Linux.


Allinea Development Tools

Allinea Software is the trusted leader in software development tools and application performance analytics for high performance computing – and one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Our tools improve the efficiency and value of high performance computing by reducing development time and increasing application performance.