Balance Efficiency with Performance

Scale-out with a full OCP-compliant infrastructure, including the densest OCP HPC solution

Changing the Way You Think About Your HPC Environment

The compute power of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters continues to grow every year. However, staying current — especially compared to the rest of the industry — can be expensive, time consuming, and result in too much lost productivity. Ignoring new technology means not making the most of your technology.

Members of The Open Compute Project have helped address this issue by developing a complete infrastructure of more efficient, less expensive compute and data center technologies. By combining the benefits of OCP infrastructure with Penguin Computing’s 20 years of HPC experience, OCP member Penguin Computing has developed Tundra® Extreme Scale, the densest HPC OCP solution available.

Tundra balances performance and efficiency. Currently in its second generation of hardware and an array of pre-tested options to choose from, Tundra is a complete turn-key ecosystem that supports up to 96 nodes per rack, GPGPU accelerated servers, high-speed interconnects, cloud computing and multiple storage options. By using a disaggregated power infrastructure, Tundra allows you to dynamically manage your system’s power usage depending on it’s current workload. Optional liquid-cooling can further improve compute performance while lowering operational costs.

Fully Customizable Computing Environments

Not all workloads are the same, which means you need to design a system that fits your use case. Tundra systems have multiple options for compute, storage, networking, and HPC cloud computing to meet any team’s needs.

Compute Options

Maximize compute performance with world class HPC servers
Utilize the power of Intel® Xeon® Scalable or AMD® Epyc® processors while accelerating time to results with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs. See full list of Tundra-ready servers.

Storage Options

Upgrade to Agile, Enterprise-Grade Storage
Keep your data local with a variety of storage options designed for Tundra. See full list of Tundra-ready storage servers.

Networking Options

Customize with Flexible, Open Network Options
Build fast, efficient connectivity with Linux-based software-defined networking. See full list of Tundra-ready networking switches.

Software Options

Utilize Various Software tools
Deploy software solutions for any need from Penguin Computing and third-party experts. See full list of Tundra software options.

Access via Cloud

Leverage Cloud Computing to extend Compute Resources
Handle spikes in your compute workload with Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD). Learn about expanding your environment with POD.

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