POD Pricing

Full Service HPC Cloud for a Clear and Predictable Low Price

PODTM provides you with a transparent pricing model that allows you to know exactly what you use, and plan for future budgets and requisition requests.

How To Get Started

Select a compute queue with its corresponding storage.
Each account comes with:

    • A free login node
    • 2D Workstation
    • *Larger login nodes and 3D Workstations are also available for power users

Industry-leading support from our team of HPC experts is included, so feel confident.

Pay Only For What You Use

POD services are metered every three seconds, giving you timely, real-time billing that accurately reflects usage.

  • No network charges
  • No data download fees
  • No minimum charges
  • No fees to open or maintain an account
  • No charges for idle time

EDU, Volume, and International pricing is available by contacting POD Sales.

Comparing Costs

Contact sales for EDU, GOV and volume pricing.

Number of Cores ($0.08 or $0.10)

Job Length (minutes or hours)

0 cores x 0 minutes = $0

Reporting & Billing

The POD reporting dashboard provides highly-detailed live reporting of your actual usage and charges. You can also review billing history or get a snapshot of billing status, compartmentalized by users, groups or projects. All of these details are available by downloading a spreadsheet, or through the POD API.


Compute Pricing

Queue Compute Nodes Cores/Node RAM/Node High Speed Interconnect Storage Hour
Free Compute 24 Cores for 5 Min Maximum Jobs QDR InfiniBand Private NAS Volume FREE
B30 Dual Intel® E5-2600v4 Series (Broadwell) 28 256 GB Intel Omni-Path Lustre File System $0.10
T30 Dual Intel® E5-2600v3 Series (Haswell) 20 128 GB QDR InfiniBand Private NAS Volume $0.09
M40 Dual Intel® X5600 Series (Westmere) 12 48 GB QDR InfiniBand Private NAS Volume $0.08
H30 Dual Intel® E5-2600 Series (Sandy Bridge) 16 64 GB QDR InfiniBand Private NAS Volume $0.08
Queue GPU Nodes Cores GPUs/Node RAM/Node High Speed Interconnect Storage Price/GPU Node Hour**
H30G Dual NVIDIA® Tesla® K40 GPU 2 GPUs/Node 64 GB QDR InfiniBand Private NAS Volume $2.32

Each Compute Queue is configured with a corresponding storage system (Storage Pricing below).
All queues include compute nodes with CentOS operating systems and scheduler.
**GPU Nodes are charged by the hour for the entire node.
We also offer Reserved nodes for customers with high utilization demands. Contact POD Sales.

Storage Pricing

Storage Type Description Charge Scheme Price/GB/Month
Lustre File System Parallel file system via 100 Gbps Intel® Omni-Path, N+1 redundant storage Charged by Usage $0.10
Private NAS Volume Per-user volumes via 10 GigE network Distributed, N+1 redundant storage Charged by Allocation $0.10

Storage is charged per GB, per month, and tracked daily.
All POD storage is accessed through high speed networks for best overall performance.

Login Node Pricing

Login Node Type Configuration Price Per Hour
pod.free 1 core, 256MB RAM FREE
pod.1×2 1 core, 2 GB RAM $0.09
pod.2×4 2 core, 4 GB RAM $0.18
pod.4×8 4 core, 8 GB RAM $0.36

A free login is provided for access to the compute cluster. Larger, more powerful login nodes can also be launched on-demand and charged by the second.
Login nodes can be powered on/off to control usage and charges.

3D Visualization (Scyld Cloud Workstation) Pricing

POD’s remote visualization solution is designed for HPC desktop applications — enabling real-time interactive GUI workflows and 3D visualization.
Find out more about Scyld Cloud Workstation.

3D Remote Workstation Hourly $0.55/hr
3D Remote Workstation Monthly $325.00

3D Workstations can be powered on/off to control usage and charges.