Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD) HPC Cloud

High Performance Computing at Your Fingertips

Penguin Computing® On-DemandTM (PODTM) allows organizations to utilize a high-performance, bare-metal, HPC computing environment in the cloud without having to invest in on-premise infrastructure. On POD you can take advantage of our scalability, performance and free expert support in a secure on-demand environment.

Computational jobs are easy to submit and monitor from either a traditional Linux CLI environment, or through the use of an intuitive and secure web portal. POD’s HPC cluster is ready-to-run with hundreds of applications pre-installed eliminating much of the complexity of building, managing and scaling high-performance computing environments. This efficiency and economy of scale saves both capital and operational costs while ensuring a clear, predictable pricing model.

POD’s bare-metal, InfiniBand on demand HPC compute cluster is ideal for organizations in manufacturing, biosciences, research, energy, design and finance—or any organization with high-performance computing needs.

Support by HPC Experts

Penguin Computing has well over a decade in optimizing HPC environments and applications. As a user of POD, we provide you with free support from our HPC experts who can assist you in running applications, managing workflows, and getting the best experience out of POD.


Setting up your Environment

Simply register for a POD account to try POD’s high performance HPC cloud environment. Once you’ve created your account, the setup process consists of choosing your storage and login node preferences (free login nodes are available), then launching your login node for secure access to the compute cluster.

Running Your Application

POD provides a ready-to-run HPC environment for all your application needs. Use the Linux command-line interface or our web GUIs to load any of our vast set of pre-installed applications that are ready to use. If you don’t see the application or version you need, our support team will install it for you.

Working with Application Licenses

POD supports applications with ready to run cloud licenses such as LSTC LS-DYNA, CD-Adapco StarCCM+, Mathworks MATLAB, and many more. We also support secure VPN tunnels which enable you to leverage your existing in-house licenses directly on POD.
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Moving Data in and out

Upload and download data to POD without any fees for network transfers. POD sits on redundant, high-speed data links with speeds up to 1Gb per second. For your security, we only support secure protocol transfers in and out of POD. This includes secure access through our web interface, APIs, remote GUI tools such as WinSCP, and standard CLI transfer tools such as SCP and rsync via SSH.

Pre and Post Processing

POD is designed to handle your complete HPC workflow – pre-processing, compute, and post-processing. Accelerate your time to results by leveraging POD’s remote visualization, 3D desktop interface, allowing you to visualize your cloud data directly through a web browser.

User Interface Options

POD provides various interfaces into our high-performance compute environment. Power users can use the familiar, traditional Linux CLI environment to compile custom code and interact with the cluster. Alternatively, all users are able to leverage secure Web GUI and API web services for submitting jobs, monitoring compute jobs, and staging data into the compute environment. Additionally, our Remote Visualization solutions provide a browser-based desktop into the cloud environment for graphically interacting with your data or running GUI-based applications.

Remote Visualization

Scyld Cloud Workstation Feaures

  • Browser-based, HTML5 remote desktops
  • No client installation or plug-in needed
  • Enables high-end, 3D accelerated desktops which outperform traditional VDI
  • Operates on a wide variety of network conditions and platforms
  • Secure HTTPS authentication to desktop environments from any location
  • Collaborative multi-user sessions
  • Hardware acceleration support using GPUs to boost performance
  • Intelligent QoS for minimizing network bandwidth usage
  • Full High Definition (FHD) 1920x1080P at 30fps
Scyld Cloud Workstation remote desktop

POD users can connect to an HPC Cloud environment through Scyld Cloud WorkstationTM, Penguin Computing’s unique, remote visualization solution. Scyld Cloud Workstation is designed for HPC desktop applications — enabling real-time interactive GUI workflows and 3D visualization through remote, engineering-class workstations. Traditional HPC environments require users to download large data files to on-premise workstations to post-process simulations – a process that can be frustrating, tedious and detrimental to a project’s timeline.

POD’s remote visualization solutions offers significant time savings by moving pre- and post- processing to the cloud and eliminating the need to download large data files.

Our remote desktop solutions provides high-end workstation performance in an on-demand cloud environment. Users simply connect to the HPC environment from virtually any device running Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. No plugins or application clients are necessary. Access is provided through HTTPS, requiring no additional ports through the firewall. This unique architecture saves bandwidth, improving image quality and ensuring near-universal accessibility for users.

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Ensure Your Organization is Protected

Penguin takes security seriously and has strong security policies on POD to protect your data, secure your identity, and restrict access to only authorized users.

  • Single-Tenant Compute Environment – Unlike multi-tenant cloud environments, POD’s compute environment is segregated to protect your privacy.
  • Physical Security – POD is hosted at a highly secure, Tier III facility that undergoes an annual SSAE 16 SOC1 Type II audit.
  • Data Security – All customer data lives solely at our United States, Tier III datacenter facility. Customers have complete control over access and persistence of their cloud data.
  • Encrypted Connections – All access to POD is over secure, industry standard, encrypted protocols: HTTPS+SSL, SSH through AES-128 or AES-256, or customized private VPN connections through AES-256.

Customized security options are also available through private cloud solutions.


Rely on Infrastructure Built by HPC Experts

Our philosophy when it comes to building HPC environments combines the speed and scalability of bare-metal compute environments with the flexibility of virtual machines in the cloud – with everything connected for high-speed networks. Designed and built by Penguin Computing’s highly-skilled engineers, our infrastructure is a non-virtualized, non-blocking fabric with InfiniBand interconnects and gives organizations the performance and scalability they need to solve the world’s most complex issues.

Penguin Computing brings more than ten years of experience deploying high-performance clusters for Fortune 500 companies and government entities and works closely with ISVs to ensure HPC applications run optimally in the POD cloud environment.