Flexera License Management

As of version 5.0.0, Scyld Cloud Workstation uses the Flexera License Management system to ensure compliance with the terms and regulations described in the End-User License Agreement. This section talks about the types of licenses, how to obtain a license, and how to use your license.

Obtaining a License

Licenses can be requested by contacting Penguin Computing (http://www.penguincomputing.com) at support@penguincomputing.com.

Installing a Trial License

Trial licenses are named scyld-cloud-workstation.lic and must be copied to the Scyld Cloud Workstation host at /opt/scyld-cloud-workstation/bin for Linux hosts or C:\Program Files\Penguin Computing\Scyld Cloud Workstation for Windows hosts.

Installing a Floating or Node-Locked License

Follow these steps on the Scyld FlexLM host:

  1. Install the Scyld FlexLM license server package (distributed by Penguin Computing) on a host that has network access to all Scyld Cloud Workstation hosts.

  2. Copy the license file (scyld-flexlm.lic) to /opt/scyld-flexlm/bin for Linux hosts or C:\Program Files\Penguin Computing\Scyld FlexLM for Windows hosts.

  3. For Linux users only, change the owner of the file to scyld-flexlm using the chown command and make sure the owner has read permission:

    chown scyld-flexlm /opt/scyld-flexlm/bin/scyld-flexlm.lic.lic
    chmod o+r /opt/scyld-flexlm/bin/scyld-flexlm.lic.lic
  4. In scyld-flexlm.lic, find the line that looks like: VENDOR PENGUIN PORT=<port>. The last token is the vendor port number (typically 28282). Change your firewall to allow incoming connections to the vendor port.

  5. Now find the line that looks like: SERVER this_host ANY <port>. The last token is the license server port number. If the port is not listed, assume it is 27002. Change your firewall to allow incoming connections the license server port.

  6. Restart your firewall and the Scyld FlexLM service.

Follow these steps on each Scyld Cloud Workstation host:

  1. Open the configuration file located at /opt/scyld-cloud-workstation/bin/scyld-cloud-workstation.xml for Linux and C:\Program Files\Penguin Computing\Scyld Cloud Workstation\scyld-cloud-workstation.xml for Windows.

  2. Find the Server.LicenseFile setting in the configuration file. If it does not exist you will need to add a <LicenseFile></LicenseFile> tag inside the <Server></Server> tag.

  3. Set the value of Server.LicenseFile to the port and host of the license server using the port@host syntax (or just @host if the Scyld FlexLM server is using the default port (27002).

    For example, if Scyld FlexLM was running on port 27002 on a host with hostname iceberg:


    If you are unsure what port and hostname (or IP address) to use, look at the SERVER line in the scyld-flexlm.lic file. The host name will be second token and the port will be the forth token. In the example above this would look like:

    SERVER iceberg 0011223344 27002


If the hostname or port of your license server has changed, you will need to update this setting and restart the Scyld Cloud Workstation service.


Flexera typically creates a $HOME/.flexlmrc file in Linux or a Windows registry setting to cache successful license checkout locations for future use.

The order of precedence for license searching paths is as follows:

  1. PENGUIN_LICENSE_FILE environment variable
  2. LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable
  3. Server.LicenseFile configuration setting
  4. Flexera cache

Testing your Floating / Node-Locked License Install

To test if the Scyld Cloud Workstation host can checkout licenses from the Scyld FlexLM host, sign into the Scyld Cloud Workstation host and use the lmutil tool:

lmutil lmdiag [-c license-file]

For example, if your Scyld FlexLM server is running on port 27002 and the IP address is, a successful test will look like:

lmutil lmdiag -c 27002@

lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2016 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
FlexNet diagnostics on Fri 12/1/2010 08:00

License file: 27002@
"scw" v1.000, vendor: PENGUIN, expiry: 01-aug-2017
  License server:
  nodelocked license locked to NOTHING (hostid=ANY)  starts: 1-jan-1990,   expires: 01-aug-2017

This license can be checked out

If license checkout fails, the output of this command can be useful for troubleshooting license checkout issues. If you would like additional support, please contact Penguin Computing at support@penguincomputing.com.

Once the license file is installed, proceed to: Setup.