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Penguin Computing Unveils Powerful New Solution That Delivers Geographically Dispersed Data at Landmark Speeds While Also Providing Easy Access

Now available, the Accelion Managed Data Access Platform dramatically improves access to remote data storage, facilitating delivery and collaboration for global teams in the Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government, Energy, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas Industries

FREMONT, CA – June 25, 2018Penguin Computing, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGH) and leading provider of high performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), enterprise data center and cloud solutions, today announced the availability of the AccelionTM managed data access platform, a complete managed file transfer and remote access solution that gives global, cross-functional teams the ability to work with vast amounts of geographically dispersed data and do so with greater speed, security, reliability and accessibility while unifying operations and accelerating collaboration.

For the first time, Penguin Computing customers have the ability to work with remote data at landmark speeds and mount remote storage and treat it as if it were local, even over high latency network connections. Because data movement is transparent to the application layer, in many cases the customer may not need to make any workflow changes between working with local data and working with remote data. This can result in reduced delays in both processing time and time-to-insight.
The Accelion managed data access platform was expertly engineered to meet the needs of global teams in the Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government, Energy, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries. The solution is ideal for distributed teams who face pressure to speed time-to-insight, time-to-decision, and eliminate potentially costly or lengthy data migration times that impede progress of data-dependent projects.

“Exponential data growth, changes in how teams access and use data, as well as ever-increasing pressure to deliver timely business results is transforming the modern data center,” said Philip Pokorny, Chief Technology Officer at Penguin Computing. “The Accelion managed data access platform was designed to remove the limitations of traditional WAN technologies that impact teams working with large, geographically dispersed data sets or who need to ensure backup, business continuity, disaster recovery, and compliance. We are committed to innovation which is why we’re so proud to offer this unique solution to our customers.”

Accelion Managed Data Access Platform Features

  • Unprecedented Performance: offering ~95% bandwidth utilization and near real-time access.
  • Landmark Transfer Speed: delivers distributed data faster than traditional methods (even over high latency network connections), up to 25x faster when using 100 Gbps connectivity.
  • Simplicity: ease of use and management through a configurable, web-based multi-site dashboard for administrators, and graphical client or mount-point access for users.
  • Flexibility: offers simple integration into existing infrastructure (IT, LAN, WAN), and is transport protocol independent and compatible with various storage systems (supports industry-standard NFSv3/4 and SMBv3 connectivity, expandable tiered storage with embedded drives or external iSCSI/FC-attached storage).

Vertical Use Case Examples

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment companies face significant delays in moving content between global teams, have a limited ability to edit content remotely, and are experiencing explosive growth in storage requirements (driven by the advent of 4K+, 120 fps, 10-bit color-depth video). To overcome these challenges and promote near real-time collaboration, the Accelion managed data access platform provides complete flexibility for content acquisition, production, archiving and distribution workflows with the strategic choice to transfer content or access it in-place. The solution enables richer production capabilities, including the remote editing of full content immediately, while removing the limitation of only working with a subset of content. The Accelion helps M&E companies to monetize archived content by providing predictable access. The Accelion platform also ensures that M&E companies avoid data duplication (thus reducing storage costs) and copy sprawl (protecting IP) by delivering remote content access securely.

Financial Services

Financial Services organizations are increasingly dependent on data analytics, which is driving explosive growth in storage needs. Large, often geographically-dispersed, data sets also introduce huge storage and network costs as data must be migrated to perform the required analytics. With the Accelion, Financial Services organizations benefit from the complete flexibility for content acquisition, production, archiving and distribution workflows, with the strategic choice to transfer content or access it in-place.


Government entities face challenges sharing data in highly secure ways. Timely access to data is both mission-critical and difficult. Bandwidth and latency challenges also exist, as terrestrial and satellite networks are often insufficient for mission-critical applications. The Accelion platform provides a common file sharing platform that bridges data center and tactical environments. With line-speed encryption, enables the secure delivery of data. And no data manipulation is required thus preserving the integrity of source of authority. The Accelion also optimizes bandwidth utilization of existing links and across diverse networks (satellite and terrestrial).

The solution also highly beneficial for companies in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Energy, Life Sciences, and Weather and Climate Sciences.

About Penguin Computing, a SMART Global Holdings Company

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