Penguin Computing Capital is dedicated to aligning client payments to the technological value they receive. We believe in eliminating up-front costs so our clients can better match their expense with their project goals.

Benefits of Financing

Flexible Financing Programs

We cater to your specific financial needs. Some examples of what we can do includes:

  • Low monthly payments for up to 60 months
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual billing options
  • Variety of end-of-term options: purchase for $1, purchase for the fair market value, upgrade, or renew for a specified term

Conserve Cash

Have a fixed, regular payment with no money down. Save cash for other revenue-generating activities.
Fast and Simple Process

With a one-page credit application, you can have a credit decision for application-only transactions generally within 2-4 business hours. Larger transactions generally have a credit decision within 1-2 business days.

100% Financing

Finance 100% of the solution cost including “soft costs” such as services, freight, installation, training, and other charges into the single monthly payment.

To learn more about Penguin Computing Capital, please call Alan Kosow at 952-698-5538.