Penguin Computing’s Tundra Platform on POD HPC Cloud Service Increases Customer Compute Capacity

Penguin Computing now provides its OCP-compliant Tundra™ platform on the company’s Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) public HPC cloud service. POD customers will realize the immediate benefit of more capacity, as Tundra allows the company to scale POD faster and more cost effectively. The rapid, modular scaling enabled by Tundra results in increased capacity and greater performance.

Tundra on POD enables thousands of new high-speed cores and demonstrates the value of open computing. The integration of Tundra and POD also proliferates open computing to the marketplace. Tundra’s high-density and power efficiency allows HPC cloud data centers to reduce the equipment footprint without spiking power requirements. The Open Compute form factor is also incredibly easy to service, enabling shorter maintenance windows and reducing the system administrator to server ratio.

Tundra’s open rack form factor re-engineers the conventional data center rack for maximum power efficiency, serviceability and investment protection. The open rack design utilizes the available physical space more efficiently and also features a shared, rack-level, redundant AC/DC power conversion and distribution.

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