Penguin Computing’s Collaboration Helps ORACLE TEAM USA Prepare for America’s Cup

Penguin Computing has partnered with NUMECA to help ORACLE TEAM USA’s bid for the America’s Cup. ORACLE TEAM USA is currently utilizing Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) in conjunction with NUMECA’s FINE™/Marine computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for hydrodynamic modeling capability.

POD is a public HPC cloud service that provides on-demand, high-performance supercomputing capabilities on a pay-as-you-go basis. ORACLE TEAM USA is using Penguin Computing’s cloud to launch 200 to 500 FINE™/Marine CFD runs per week, enabling them to optimize the design of their hydrofoil and hull, as well as perform aerodynamic modeling of the sail for their America’s Cup racing boat.

Len Imas, senior CFD engineer for ORACLE TEAM USA, appreciates the consistent quality of the cores that are being made available Penguin Computing, enabling flexibility in terms of volume load. The interactive framework is convenient to implement and allows the use POD not only for solving, but also for pre- and post-processing.

As opposed to the physical testing of designs, which America’s Cup competitors used to rely on, the role of CFD modeling and the capabilities provided by software providers such as NUMECA has grown increasingly important in the past 15 years. One reason for this change is the flexibility in improving designs– being able to turn over a variety of designs quickly in a computational environment–instead of contending with the time constraints of re-testing a physical model in a tank under different conditions. By utilizing POD in conjunction with FINE™/Marine, ORACLE TEAM USA has not only obtained the best solver speed in the marine hydrodynamics industry, but also found an HPC environment compatible with their computational needs.

Victor Gregorio, VP/GM of Cloud Services at Penguin Computing notes that the company’s POD HPC service is designed to take the complexity and high costs out of cloud computing.

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