It’s now official … we are an OCP solution provider


This week Penguin announced that it is now an official OCP solution provider. I know … that somebody is ‘excited’ about something is the last resort for marketing guys to convey a boring message … but we at Penguin are really excited … we believe that OCP will be here to stay and have a lasting impact on the hardware landscape (Is Open Compute a Game Changer?). I don’t want to regurgitate all the benefits of the open hardware concept (a great summary can be found at Tech Republic) but talk a little bit about why Penguin believes that OCP presents a great opportunity not only for customers but also for us. At first glance it is not that obvious how a company like Penguin that focuses on delivering hardware solutions would see OCP as an opportunity. One could argue that opening up hardware designs will lead to less potential for vendors to differentiate their offering which will result in lower profits as ‘everybody and their dog’ will be offering the same standardized hardware.

While it is true that efforts like OCP will lead to further ‘commoditization’ of hardware it takes expertise and skill to integrate this open hardware and the corresponding software, particularly in areas that tend to be more complex such as High Performance Computing. So on the one hand further ‘commoditization’ will add pressure on hardware prices … no doubt about that. On the other hand, lower prices drive more and larger deployments with inherently increasing complexity. While there are numerous providers that know how to build servers, the air gets thinner when it comes to solution providers that really know how to make things work. And that is exactly what we at Penguin have been doing for the last 15 years … deliver trusted scalable Linux solutions that work. And because delivering quality solutions rather than pushing boxes is our sweet spot we are excited about the Open Compute Project.

BTW … If you want to know more about how OCP is expected to change the server market and how Penguin is embracing ‘open hardware’ … an insightful article based on an interview with our CEO Charles Wuischpard was just published by The Register.

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