Leveraging the Benefits of Hybrid HPC Computing

Hybrid HPC computing combines public and on-premise compute resources to offer organizations a flexible, cost effective approach to meeting their users’ requirements. To fully augment on-premise HPC systems requires cloud platforms that [...]

Record-setting High-Frequency Trading solution unveiled at STAC Summit

In the fast-paced business of electronic securities trading, each nanosecond counts. A new, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) solution, jointly developed by Penguin Computing®, Solarflare®, LDA Technologies®, and XILINX®, has been nicknamed the [...]

Tuning WRF performance for HPC cloud: Broadwell and Omni-Path

The Penguin Computing® On-Demand™️ (POD™️) public HPC cloud combines non-virtualized, bare-metal compute nodes, low-latency network, and fast storage with an optimized software stack and end-user applications specifically tuned for the hardware [...]

Penguin Computing Offering Intel® Omni-Path Architecture

Penguin Computing is dedicated to offering the best performance per cost solutions to our customers. This is why we offer Intel® Omni-Path architecture, an element of Intel® Scalable System Framework. Penguin Computing recently won a contract, [...]

OCP on Steroids, or Just Done Right?

Last week I got to tour Penguin Computing’s facility. As one approaches one gets the distinct impression that something is different. Hayward is all empty buildings and parking lots, but as I rounded the final corner it became evident that I [...]