Intel Selects Penguin Computing as ‘Partner of the Year’ for Cloud Solutions

[with image of Sid collecting awards with Intel reps, which also becomes image on home page] In March 2018, leading semiconductor chip maker Intel® Corporation announced that Penguin Computing has been selected as Intel’s 2017 Partner of the [...]

Leveraging the Benefits of Hybrid HPC Computing

Hybrid HPC computing combines public and on-premise compute resources to offer organizations a flexible, cost effective approach to meeting their users’ requirements. To fully augment on-premise HPC systems requires cloud platforms that [...]

Record-setting High-Frequency Trading solution unveiled at STAC Summit

In the fast-paced business of electronic securities trading, each nanosecond counts. A new, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) solution, jointly developed by Penguin Computing®, Solarflare®, LDA Technologies®, and XILINX®, has been nicknamed the [...]