The Penguin Computing Benchmarking and Innovation Lab (BIL)

A dedicated facility for design innovation and customer hardware trials before purchase

Experience the Tundra Extreme Scale and FrostByte Solutions First-Hand

Test our performance and see why Penguin Computing-designed technology is the choice of thousands of customers worldwide

You can now remotely run your workloads on the Penguin Computing Tundra®️ Extreme Scale high-performance computing (HPC) and FrostByte™ software-defined storage platforms and see for yourself how the performance, flexibility, and efficiency these solutions can help you reach your organizational and computing goals.

Reserve Time in the Lab

Submit a request for a Benchmarking Lab consultation and our team will reach out to you to understand your workload and schedule the appropriate amount of time on either the Lab’s Tundra or FrostByte platform.

Benchmarking Lab

Tundra Extreme Scale HPC

The BIL’s Tundra platform is built on the Intel®️ Xeon®️ Scalable Processor architecture. When testing the Tundra, you’ll have secure, exclusive access to:

  • 612 Cores across a variety of Relion servers
  • 100GB Ethernet and Intel Infiniband networking options
  • Integrated storage systems with a variety of drive options
penguin-computing-products-turn-key-storage-solutions frostbyte

FrostByte Software-Defined Storage

The BIL also offers secure, exclusive access to the FrostByte platform, software-defined storage configuration capable of demonstrating multiple filesystem options, including:

  • 612 Cores across a variety of Relion servers
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage
  • ThinkParQ®️ BeeGFS Storage

About the BIL

Access to the BIL is on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon availability. For security purposes, only one client may run workloads in the BIL at a time.

Before your testing begins, the Penguin Computing team prepares the BIL with your software stack and secures the system for your privacy and protection. When running workloads in the lab, clients have access to Penguin Computing HPC and storage experts, who will work with you throughout your testing process, ensuring the lab is fine-tuned to your needs.

After the your testing is complete, the Penguin Computing team will completely wipe the system, ensuring none of your data can be seen by future BIL users.