Penguin Computing’s Tundra Extreme Scale Series Selected for National Labs

Penguin Computing is providing the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) with the company’s Tundra™ Extreme Scale (ES) solution to bolster computing for [...]

Penguin Computing Moves to Bolster Federal Business

In a recent contributed article in Government Product News, Penguin Computing Senior Vice President of Federal Computing, Sidney Mair, provided advice to government decision makers about what to [...]

New Tundra Open Compute Servers Optimized for HPC and Hyperscale Workloads

Penguin Computing has confirmed availability of the company’s Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant “Tundra” server family based on Cavium’s 64-bit ARMv8 ThunderX workload optimized processors. [...]

Penguin Computing Redesigns Motherboard for Densest 1U GPU Server

Penguin Computing’s new Relion 1904GT server packs four GPU accelerators in a 1U form factor, the company’s highest density 1U GPU server. To do so, the company redesigned the system with a [...]

Penguin Computing’s Collaboration Helps ORACLE TEAM USA Prepare for America’s Cup

Penguin Computing has partnered with NUMECA to help ORACLE TEAM USA’s bid for the America’s Cup. ORACLE TEAM USA is currently utilizing Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) in conjunction with [...]

Tuning WRF Performance for HPC Cloud Sandy Bridge Systems

In High-Performance Computing, the importance of performance cannot be stressed enough. This is even more crucial when using a pay-per-use, HPC Cloud service like Penguin Computing on Demand [...]

It’s now official … we are an OCP solution provider

This week Penguin announced that it is now an official OCP solution provider. I know … that somebody is ‘excited’ about something is the last resort for marketing guys to convey a boring message [...]

Is Open Compute a Game Changer?

Last week’s fourth Open Compute summit in Santa Clara was accompanied by a huge media buzz. More participants attended than ever before and an increasing number of vendors are jumping on the [...]

Micro Data Centers – A New Approach to Deploying Compute Capacity

At SC’12 we showcased the Micro Data Center (MDC). A new concept that AOL designed in partnership with Penguin Computing. MDCs are small, self sufficient ‘Data Centers in a Box’ that just require [...]

The UDX1 – Penguin’s first ARM based Server

Last week we announced our first ARM based server. This week we showed a live demo of the system running Hadoop and Ganglia at Hadoopworld in New York. Our announcement generated a lot of [...]