Intel Customer Spotlight Webinar with LLNL Ft. Penguin Computing

Our customer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) recently sat down with Industry Influencer, Tim Crawford for an episode of Intel’s Customer Spotlight. The episode delves into what [...]

Key Takeaways from SC19

In November, we had the privilege of attending and participating in Supercomputing 2019, the international conference for high performance computing (HPC) located in Denver, Co. In addition to a [...]

Preparing for the Future of HPC with Open Technology

Its seems like exciting new high-performance computing (HPC) technology is constantly appearing these days. That means systems need to be flexible to meet the increasing demand for HPC but, at [...]

Software-Defined Anything: The Engine for Change

Do you hear that sound? Do you feel something pushing you forward? It’s the loud, strong winds of change, disrupting everything you’ve known before and reworking the landscape in ways you maybe [...]

Leveraging the Benefits of Hybrid HPC Computing

Hybrid HPC computing combines public and on-premise compute resources to offer organizations a flexible, cost effective approach to meeting their users’ requirements. To fully augment [...]

Record-setting High-Frequency Trading solution unveiled at STAC Summit

In the fast-paced business of electronic securities trading, each nanosecond counts. A new, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) solution, jointly developed by Penguin Computing®, Solarflare®, LDA [...]