Struggling to keep up with HPC needs?

Deploying and managing effective high-performance computing (HPC) environments can be daunting and expensive. You need to stay on top of rapidly changing project and business needs, not worry about compute administration, performance and capacity. An effective HPC cloud-based computing solution should:

  • Provide a flexible, secure and dynamically scalable environment
  • Enable users to manage and monitor their own workflows
  • Provide real-time transparency into personnel, department, and project resource consumption for planning, administrative and billing purposes

The Penguin Computing® advantage

Penguin Computing is a pioneer in open cloud-based solutions that deliver outstanding usability, performance, security and cost effectiveness. We take the complexity and high costs out of high-performance computing by providing on-demand options as well as solutions for more easily building and managing private clouds.

  • Start with the compute capacity you need and easily grow it
  • Rapidly deploy highly scalable and user-friendly private clouds
  • Simplify reporting with intuitive software that can aggregate resource utilization into a single source

Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD), Public Cloud Resource

High Performance Computing at Your Fingertips

Penguin’s Public Cloud, Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD) allows organizations to utilize a high-performance, bare-metal, HPC computing environment in the cloud without having to invest in on-premise infrastructure. Nor do you have to deal with multi-tenant cloud environments and the performance, scalability and security challenges associated with shared infrastructure.

Computational jobs are easy to submit and monitor from either a traditional Linux CLI environment, or through the use of an intuitive and secure web portal. POD’s HPC cluster is ready-to-run with hundreds of applications pre-installed, eliminating much of the complexity of building, managing and scaling high performance computing environments. This efficiency and economy of scale saves both capital and operational costs while ensuring a clear, predictable pricing model.

POD’s, InfiniBand on-demand HPC compute cluster is ideal for organizations in manufacturing, bio sciences, research, energy, design and finance- or any organization with high-performance computing needs.

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HPC Cloud Case Study

Find out why engineering firm, Arup, turns to HPC Cloud resources for their data center needs.

  • "Penguin has gone out of its way many times to accommodate our requests for technical help and to meet our fast-changing needs."

    John Ristevski Co-CEO Earthmine, Inc.
  • "Penguin's HPC expertise and knowledge of LS-DYNA is outstanding. POD is an easy and cost effective cloud bursting solution."

    Shu Yang Applied Mechanics Engineer, IMMI
  • "I am really glad we made the choice to go with your service. Your tech support guys have been really amazing and I know we would have had a lot more headaches with any other services we were considering."

    Britt Ward Farr Yacht Design, VP & Senior Naval Architect
  • "We appreciate the consistent quality of the cores that are being made available to us by Penguin Computing, enabling us flexibility in terms of volume load. The interactive framework is convenient to implement and allows us to use POD not only for solving, but also for pre- and post-processing."

    Len Imas ORACLE TEAM USA, Senior CFD Engineer
  • "We are pleased to work with Penguin Computing to enable users to run their applications faster and solve larger, more intricate problems without increasing the IT cost associated with maintaining high-performance capacity."

    Silvina Grad-Freilich Senior Manager of Parallel Computing Marketing at The MathWorks
  • "The price (of POD) was every bit as advertised and that undersold the other service we were using by 50%. That is NOT a small number. The servers proved more powerful than our other out-sourced analysis company, and (POD) was overall easier to use."

    Brian Schnur DEP-USA
  • “It has been a pleasure using Penguin’s POD service. Penguin is more like a collaborator ensuring my applications run and run efficiently. It’s also trivial to scale up and offers significant savings compared to the typical cloud providers.”

    David Quigley Cancer Researcher - UCSF, San Francisco