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Industry Challenges

Mounting competitive pressure. Increasing product complexity. Cost reduction. Shorter design cycles. Most likely you are familiar with these challenges. A flexible, scalable and efficient HPC strategy is the foundation for more effective engineering and shorter product design cycles: Optimizations and design improvements applied in the virtual concept and design stage can be realized at much lower cost than ‘fixes’ at later stages.

Large manufacturing organizations have well-established HPC environments and are focused on integrating diverse modeling applications to completely virtualize their prototyping process. The increasing levels of integration and interdependency of simulation tools require ongoing performance improvements of the supporting hardware and flexible HPC infrastructures.

In contrast, many small- and medium-sized manufacturing organizations find it difficult to leverage HPC as they lack personnel, data center space as well as the cash to deploy an HPC infrastructure. Affordable and flexible access to HPC resources can help smaller manufacturing companies stay competitive.

For all organizations, engineering productivity is directly related to application performance. Simulation throughput directly impacts engineering quality: Higher throughput means more simulations can be run to explore designs options. In order to achieve optimal performance it is crucial to keep the HPC infrastructure current and optimize each cluster’s configuration for optimal application performance.

Penguin Computing’s POD is a great fit for our design projects. Penguin’s HPC expertise and knowledge of LS-DYNA is outstanding. POD is an easy and cost effective ‘cloud bursting’ solution.

Shu Yang, Applied Mechanics Engineer IMMI

Case Study: IMMI & POD

Advanced safety systems designer and manufacturer, IMMI uses POD to supplement their in-house compute resources. Running LS-Dyna® for their modeling, Penguin's expertise in HPC and LS-Dyna makes POD an easy choice.

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HPC Solutions for Manufacturing from Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing has successfully delivered HPC solutions to hundreds of manufacturing organizations of all sizes such as Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar and Applied Research Associates. We understand how to design systems that deliver the right performance characteristics for your applications. In cooperation with ISV’s like ANSYS or CD-adapco we have run extensive application benchmarks to better understand application characteristics for a variety of models.

Penguin also offers a complete, in-house developed HPC software stack that has been fully qualified and tested with our hardware. Through partnerships with our ISV partners we can benchmark your applications and deliver application optimized turnkey solutions that ‘just work’ and can be quickly moved to production.

For smaller sized manufacturing organizations or for large organizations that want to offload excess workload Penguin offers Penguin Computing on Demand (POD), a public HPC cloud that is accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis. POD enables organizations to leverage the benefits of HPC without investing in an HPC infrastructure. POD also offers on-demand license access for selected applications such as LS-DYNA and StarCCM+.


Industry Partners

LSTC Livermore Software Technology Corp.Simulia Corp.
Ansys, Inc.Altair Engineering, Inc.CD-Adapco