HPC solutions for life sciences

Industry Challenges

Scientific instruments now offer unprecedented levels of performance and availability. Particularly in the context of next-generation genomic sequencers, the amount of generated data has been exploding. Research success depends more and more on the ability to process, analyze, manage, and ultimately act on this data. A flexible HPC infrastructure with balanced performance characteristics is a critical element for your success.

We replaced our legacy IBM system with a TOP100 cluster from Penguin in a ‘rolling’ update without significant downtime. A daunting task that Penguin was very successful at completing. We are very happy.

Professor Dr. Jeffrey Skolnick, Director for the Center for the Study of Systems Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Typical computational challenges in Life Sciences include

  • the need for growing storage capacity, transparent data access and increasing processing performance
  • unsteady workloads
  • selection of components for balanced performance
  • applications with different performance characteristics and requirements
    • integration of technologies that are beneficial for a subset of applications such as GPUs for protein docking or FPGAs for alignment searches
    • in-memory storage of huge data sets particularly in the area of systems biology
    • visualization capabilities for the analysis of protein folding simulations or DNA sequencing results

HPC Solutions for Life Sciences from Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing has successfully delivered HPC solutions to hundreds of life science organizations of all sizes such as Monogram Biosciences, Georgia Institute of Technology and Exelixis. We understand how to design systems that deliver balanced performance for your applications.

Penguin also offers a complete, in-house developed HPC software stack that has been fully qualified and tested with our hardware. Through our ISV partnerships and our own software expertise we can help with building and pre-installing open source and proprietary applications. Rather than just selling a cluster we deliver complete application optimized turnkey solutions that ‘just work’ and can be quickly moved to production.

For customers interested in off-loading excess workload to an external HPC cloud, Penguin Computing offers Penguin on Demand (POD) , a public cloud that has been specifically designed for HPC and is accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis

Life Technologies

Life Technologies, the leading provider of next-generation sequencers, turned to Penguin Computing for help with developing a scalable robust solution for processing sequencer output. Penguin was able to quickly deliver a turnkey appliance optimized for performance for Life Technology’s application LifeScope™ and Penguin clusters are now the recommended platform for sequencers from Life Technology. Life Technologies also offers LifeScope on-demand through Penguin’s public HPC cloud Penguin Computing on Demand (POD)

After evaluating multiple cluster management products, we chose Scyld ClusterWare for the processing of large amounts of image data. Scyld ClusterWare contains a robust, easy-to-use and unique Single System Image architecture, which we believe will resonate well with researchers using the SOLiD platform for a wide variety of applications

Dr. Timothy Burcham, Senior Director of SOLiD R&D at Life Technologies.