FrostByte Storage Solution

FrostByteTM Storage Solution

The modern data center must be innovative, agile, efficient, and economical in ways that proprietary, vendor-locked storage appliances simply cannot deliver.

Penguin Computing® FrostByteTM storage solutions lifts these limitations with the benefits of Software-Defined Storage (SDS). FrostByte storage solutions empower businesses with open, agile, scale-out, cost-effective storage for diverse markets and workloads, including: high-performance computing, big data analytics, life sciences, financial services & trading, multimedia & entertainment, archive, disaster recovery, and more.

FrostByte Storage Solutions Feature:

  • Turnkey, engineered designs for optimal performance and reliability
  • Growing family of designs powered by Lustre, Gluster, Ceph, BeeGFS, and other award-winning and supported SDS solutions
  • Configurable capacity, data-protection, and performance features
  • Highly scalable
  • Robust data protection
  • Tunable and optimizable
  • Simplified administration
  • Expert, enterprise support and services
  • On-premise and managed hosting

Penguin Computing FrostByte storage solutions empower you to conquer your most challenging data storage requirements.