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FrostByteTM Storage Solution

FrostByte-LTM High-Performance Lustre over ZFS HPC Storage System

FrostByte is a complete, high-performance storage solution that integrates Penguin Computing’s new Scyld FrostByte software with an optimized high-performance storage platform. FrostByte will support multiple open software storage technologies including Lustre, Ceph, GlusterFS and Swift, and will first be available with Intel’s Enterprise Lustre. An entry-level FrostByte is a single rack with 500TB of highly available storage that can deliver up to 18GB/s and 500K/s metadata ops/s. A single FrostByte “Scalable Unit” can deliver up to 15PB and greater than 500GB/s in 5 racks. Multiple Scalable Units can be combined to scale up to 100s of petabytes and 10s of terabytes/sec of aggregate storage bandwidth.

For more information about FrostByte please contact Penguin Computing.

Features: An enterprise grade scalable Lustre solution for HPC, Big Data and VM customers. Leverages Intel Lustre to provide users with high performance I/O and Penguin’s hardware for expandable scalable storage. Based on latest Lustre release with Intel Foundation Level support. Available with Intel OmniPath, Mellanox EDR Infiniband or Penguin Arctica 100GbE network solutions.

Scalability: Expandable scalable units can be combined to elevate your total capacity to hundreds of petabytes. Networking can be configured to your datacenters’ need.

Support: Penguin’s world-class customer support deliver highly reliable and maintainable storage solution. FrostByte’s hardware management feature set proactively detect and monitor system health. In the event of any faults, Penguin Support and system administrator are immediately notified. To eliminate system downtimes, upgrades and failure recovery are transparent to users.

FrostByte Parallel Defined Networks

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