3D, Accelerated, Remote Desktops

The PODTM HPC cloud remote visualization solution is designed for HPC desktop applications enabling real-time interactive GUI workflows and 3D visualization. Traditional HPC environments require users to download large data files to on-premise workstations to post-process simulations – a process that can be frustrating, tedious and detrimental to a project’s timeline.

Powered by NVIDIA GRID technology, POD’s remote visualization solutions offer significant time savings by moving pre- and post-processing to the cloud and eliminating the need to download large data files.

POD provides high-end workstation performance in an on-demand cloud environment. Users simply connect to the HPC environment from virtually any device running Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. No plugins or application clients are necessary. Access is provided through HTTPS, requiring no additional ports through the firewall. This unique architecture saves bandwidth, improving image quality and ensuring near-universal accessibility for users.

Remote HPC Cloud Workstation Advantages

  • Delivers GPU-accelerated Linux and Windows desktops
  • Accessible from modern web browsers (without plugins) or a native client
  • High-end workstation performance for graphical applications
  • Supports any graphics card, including: NVIDIA GRID, NVIDIA Quadro, Intel HD, and Intel VCA
  • Supports up to 30 frames per second at FHD resolutions
  • Secure access through standard HTTPS
  • Enables Multi-User Collaboration
  • Supports multiple authentication options
  • Supports Copy and Paste
  • Automates Intelligent QoS
  • Supports Bare-Metal or VM installations (any hypervisor)
  • Scales to large cloud deployments
  • No application changes required
  • Quick RPM, DEB, or MSI package installation and setup

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