Large-scale + dynamic = difficult

The high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of HPC, big data and cloud environments present significant architectural challenges for systems built to deliver a range of flexible solutions while still optimizing time to deployment.

At the same time, as systems scale to meet increasingly complex and demanding requirements, it is imperative to tightly control capital and ongoing operating expenses in order to realize a meaningful return on investment.

Consequently, any viable networking solutions must be:

  • Scalable and high performing
  • Simple to deploy and manage
  • Easily programmable and customizable

The Penguin Computing advantage

After a long history of delivering true open-systems solutions, Penguin Computing provides highly cost effective, enterprise-class software-defined networking solutions capable of meeting increasingly large-scale and complex requirements.

With industry-leading price/performance, Penguin’s Arctica family of switches offer:

  • Compatibility with industry-standard provisioning and infrastructure stacks, including Cumulus Linux, Canonical Ubuntu with Broadcom ICOS, and others
  • Tools to easily build, manage, and maintain large-scale network deployments
  • High levels of programmability, choice of workflow, and almost unlimited range for customization

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