Penguin Computing server rack installation delivery professional services

On-site Cluster Assembly and Installation

Our team of Penguin Computing engineers will pre-assemble your cluster, fully built and ready to wheel into place upon receipt. We will help assemble your new racks, mount servers and cable components on-site as required to get you quickly up and running.

Cluster Delivery and Orientation

If you are new to clusters, new to Scyld or simply want some tips for using your cluster more efficiently, we offer comprehensive on-site Scyld cluster verification and orientation seminars. A Penguin engineer will verify your cluster operation, and walk developers and users through how to efficiently use and maintain a Scyld cluster.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to the concepts and functionality of Scyld ClusterWare software
  • Essential configuration and administration of the Scyld environment
  • An overview of the fundamentals of creating and executing cluster-aware software applications
  • An overview of the usage of Scyld-specific commands and system monitoring applications
  • Job mapping and the customization and control of the Scyld environment using Scyld utilities and environment variables
  • Review and a question and answer session