Professional Services

Linux is our lifeblood. With our unmatched dedication to Linux, we develop the best practices that make Linux work for your business. Here are some of the services we offer:

Cluster Delivery and Orientation

Penguin Computing offers an on-site Scyld cluster verification and orientation seminar, providing a valuable resource for cluster users who are new to clusters, new to Scyld, or interested in receiving an in-person tutorial on the use of their cluster. An engineer will arrive on-site to verify the cluster operation and deliver a presentation on the use and administration of your Scyld cluster. This comprehensive seminar benefits cluster administrators as well as developers and end-users.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to the concepts and functionality of Scyld ClusterWare software
  • Essential configuration and administration of the Scyld environment
  • An overview of the fundamentals of creating and executing cluster-aware software applications
  • An overview of the usage of Scyld-specific commands and system monitoring applications
  • Job mapping and the customization and control of the Scyld environment using Scyld utilities and environment variables
  • Review and a question and answer session

On-site Cluster Assembly and Installation

Penguin Computing engineers can help you assemble and install your cluster on site. This includes assembling racks, mounting servers and cabling components as required.

Site Planning & Assessment

Our Site Planning and Assessment service provides a calculated, informed approach towards building out your existing infrastructure. Penguin Computing consultants will assess your network considerations, physical infrastructure impact - such as your space, power and cooling needs - and storage management requirements to ensure optimal system choices and ease of future growth.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) Consulting

Penguin Computing's experienced engineers can help you design your Linux cluster or other HPC solution with the right servers and interconnects to best complement your goals. Implementation services are also available.

Benchmarking and Performance Optimization

Whether you want to get a sense of the performance you can expect from your new cluster or optimize for your applications, we are here to help. Our experienced engineers can benchmark your application and tune your cluster for optimal performance and job throughput.

GPU Consulting

Navigating the complexities of GPU computing can be challenging. We provide customized training, software tools and the expertise you need, whether you're just starting to plan your GPU processing strategy or you are enhancing an existing program.

High Availability Consulting

High-availability consulting focuses on building reliable rackmount systems, fail-over solutions and protecting critical applications and data. Penguin Computing's on-site consultants analyze the considerations most relevant to building a highly available solution within your current infrastructure.

Custom System Deployments

Penguin Computing can customize many of its server and workstation platforms with customer specific Linux software distributions, applications and hardware. Turnkey platforms with your application pre-loaded can also be deployed directly to your customers. Contact Penguin Computing Sales at 1-888-PENGUIN for more information on custom software and hardware options.