Penguin Managed Services

Linux Cluster and Systems Managed Services - Let the Experts Help

For over 10 years Penguin Computing has specialized in building Linux-based servers, workstations and clusters. Now, this in-house expertise is available to you. Penguin Managed Services is a proactive IT service that is designed to keep your Linux systems and clusters up and running at peak performance. Not only do we understand Linux and clustering inside and out, we also understand HPC computing like no other company out there. We design, build, deploy and optimize HPC clusters every day - what better team to help you manage your HPC or Linux environment?

What is Managed Services?

  • Access to a team of cluster and linux experts
  • Dedicated Sysadmin to your account
  • Backed by the full resources of the oldest pure Linux company
  • Lower the cost of system administration overhead
  • Peace of mind
  • A fixed monthly price with no obligation

Who is It For?

  • Companies with little to no cluster experience
  • Backup for current IT teams
  • Those in need of a dedicated, responsive IT team
  • Anyone in need of a cost-effective way to manage a cluster
  • Ongoing support on a fixed budget

What Does Managed Services Cover?

  • Monthly health checks and cluster reviews
  • Maintenance and configuration of most standard Linux packages
  • System Administration tasks
  • Scheduler tuning and configuration (TORQUE, SGE, Moab and Maui)
  • Compiling, integrating and deploying MPI applications
  • Access to HPC hardware and software experts

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