PODTools is a collection of command-line utilities for interacting with POD. All POD users already have access to their login node on POD via SSH. With PODTools, many operations such as submitting jobs, data transfers and reporting can be handled securely without needing to SSH to your login node first. PODTools is currently supported on Linux.

PODStatus screenshot
  • PODReport is a command line tool to query your core-hour and storage utilization on POD. Options include the current usage, the previous billing cycle and custom date ranges.

  • PODShell is a remote job submission and data-staging tool for POD. When installed on a user's client machine, it allows for job submissions directly to POD through the web (TLS encrypted). Users can bypass their login nodes completely or even do without. PODShell can also be used to copy data to and from POD, either independently or as job dependencies.

PODShell Example: Submitting 2 jobs, one with data transfers.

[root@mojito ~]# podsh submit testjob.sub
Job Submitted successfully.
Job ID: 1567

[root@mojito ~]# podsh submit --stagein=mydata:~/data \
    --stageout=myresults.log \
Job Submitted successfully.
Job ID: 1590

PODShell is a command line interface, so it's scriptable, allowing automated workflows to POD without having to script SSH access and data transfers.

POD Web Services

POD Web Services is an API available to POD users interested in developing their own custom POD interactions. POD Web Services were designed to be easy to use and incorporate into your own scripting environment. Data payloads are in JSON format and all traffic is TLS encrypted.