Only Penguin was able to deliver a true turnkey solution. All the other companies would handle only the hardware aspect; when it came to installing applications and providing a complete solution, they wanted to hand us off.

University of Virginia

Mark McCardell
Computer Systems Engineer Center for Applied Biomechanics

Penguin Computing’s Lustre solution greatly complements our new 50TFLOP compute cluster that requires a highly scalable I/O solution in the back-end to deliver the expected levels of performance. Given Penguin’s track record, the positive experiences we have had with Penguin in the past and their ability to provide complete support for our cluster as well as our Lustre storage solution, it made perfect sense to choose Penguin for this deployment

Daniel J. Grim
Chief Technology Officer, Information Technologies at the University of Delaware

We are interested in research on next generation computer architectures and look forward to collaborating with Penguin and AMD to advance power-efficient computing strategies. This first of a kind cluster of Altus 2A00 servers will support our exploration of advanced programming models like OpenCL, which seamlessly map MPI applications to the CPU and GPU cores, and research into system software support for advanced data movement capabilities.

Sandia National Laboratories

James Ang,
Manager Scalable Computer Architectures, Sandia National Labs

After evaluating multiple cluster management products, we chose Scyld ClusterWare for the processing of large amounts of image data. Scyld ClusterWare contains a robust, easy-to-use and unique Single System Image architecture, which we believe will resonate well with researchers using the SOLiD platform for a wide variety of applications,

Life Technologies

Dr. Timothy Burcham
Senior Director of SOLiD R&D at Life Technologies.

Our lab at UCSF performs genetic research, studying how innate differences in everyone's DNA affect our susceptibility to skin and breast cancer. I had previously used another cloud service provider to perform the intensive statistical analysis required in our research, but it was a chore to manage twenty servers at a time. It has been a pleasure working with Penguin's POD. It's trivial to scale up as many cores as I need at a significant cost savings... I can run more experiments in less time at less cost with less hassle. My contact in Penguin Professional Services has been more like a collaborator than a vendor, and his observations about my system use identified a major inefficiency in my code. Fixing this resulted in a four-fold decrease in processing time. Analyses that would have taken months using my previous methods can now be done in a day or two.

University of California San Francisco

David Quigley
Cancer Researcher,

Penguin Computing’s POD is a great fit for our design projects. Penguin’s HPC expertise and knowledge of LS-DYNA is outstanding. POD is an easy and cost effective ‘cloud bursting’ solution.

Shu Yang
Applied Mechanics Engineer IMMI