Software Defined Storage
Software Defined Storage


Open source solution that provides data integrity without the budget overhead

  • Highly scalable architecture presented in either object, block and/or file storage
  • Implemented without a single point of failure and scalable in the petabytes
  • Ideal for use cases where reduction in TCO is critical

Ceph is an open source software that distributes freely under an architecture that provide highly scalable object, file and block storage, in a single package. Its design is based on commodity hardware making it very flexible in the component level. Users are able to scale their deployment environment without overcommitting to expensive hardware.

Its algorithm, CRUSH (Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing), stripe data across various storage location. This technique help Ceph avoid any single point failure while prevent performance bottleneck and any limits to its scalability. Ceph software has been proven on Penguin IceBreakers to effectively reduce TCO without sacrificing performance.

Software Defined Storage


Flexible storage for large dataset at a fraction of traditional storage cost

  • Eliminate SAN infrastructure and adopt NAS-based ecosystem for cost-effective storage solution
  • Freedom for users to access shared storage data in any geographical location with single pane of management for system administrators
  • Geo-replication and snapshots are some of the many security features to protect your precious data

Red Hat Gluster is a highly scalable, NAS-based, storage solution for applications such as cloud computing.

Unlike traditional storage with proprietary hardware requirements, Gluster is agnostic to all x86 hardware configurations in new and existing deployments. Users have the freedom to access all files and objects from a single location without restrictions.

Gluster also provides various data protection functionalities, such as geo-replication, to ensure users have peace of mind that their data is protected, easily recoverable and automated. Unplanned, incremental capacity expansion can be brought online without disruption.

Software Defined Storage


Storage of data made easy and efficient

  • Designed for storing massive amount of unstructured data while keeping cost low
  • Horizontally scaled for small and big storage applications
  • Built and designed to run on commodity hardware to eliminate cost

Swift, an object storage architecture for Openstack, provides users with a highly scalable and available solution for small and big data.

Swift was designed to work with commodity hardware to maintain a low TCO, but without the sacrifice of safety and security. Swift can be configured with just a few nodes and scale to thousands, providing petabytes of storage to its users. Designed to eliminate any single point of failure, Swift can replicate previous striped data to a new location when problem occurs.

Penguin’s IceBreakers are preconfigured and tested by our engineers to accommodate Swift’s architecture.

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