Enterprise and HPC Storage

Penguin Computing offers a wide range of storage solutions, from a single network-attached storage server to cloud storage solutions and complex, scalable high-performance parallel file systems. We can help you find a solution that meets your unique needs and even help you successfully add it to your environment.

frostbyte ocp storage penguin computing

HPC Storage

Parallel file storage system designed to deliver predictable, scalable clustered storage performance.


IceBreaker Storage

Versatile, cost-efficient bulk and nearline storage solutions with multiple chassis and drive options


Software-Defined Storage

Ceph, Gluster and Swift are software-defined storage solutions designed for storing unstructured data.

FrostByte Penguin Computing Open Compute Solution

FrostByte: A HPC Storage Solution

FrostByte is a complete, high-performance storage solution that integrates Penguin Computing’s new Scyld FrostByte software with an optimized high-performance storage platform. FrostByte will support multiple open software storage technologies including Lustre, Ceph, GlusterFS and Swift, and is initially available with Intel’s Enterprise Lustre.

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