Relion 2808GT


  • Up to two Intel E5-2600v2 series CPUs
  • Supports eight full width GPUs/MICs
  • Up to 512GB 1866 MHz DDR3 RAM
  • Up to 8x 2.5” SATA hot-plug drives
  • 2x 1600W high efficiency power supply
Relion 2808GT

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The Relion 2808GT was designed to deliver maximum compute power with a minimal datacenter footprint and maximum efficiency. The system supports eight GPUs or coprocessors in two rack units and provides a higher compute density that any other server on the market. Configured with eight NVidia GPUs or eight Intel Xeon Phi co-processors a single Relion 2808GT can achieve over 8TFLOPs of double precision floating point peak performance.

The system’s eight GPUs or coprocessors are supported by a dual socket platform based on Intel’s Xeon E5-2600v2 product family. The system can be configured with up to 512GB of ECC memory and features an on-board dual 10GbE BASE-T controller and optional support for two 10GbE SFP+ ports. Serviceability features include a dedicated LAN port for server management as well as support for IPMI 2.0 and remote KVM. For maximum power efficiency the Relion 2808GT features a dual 1600W power supply that has been certified at the 80 PLUS Gold level.

The Relion 2808GT is the ideal platform for running scientific and engineering applications that support GPUs or coprocessors such as Matlab, Amber or Abaqus as well as ‘home grown’ and open source applications that can be ported to support GPUs or coprocessors.


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Relion 2808GT Base System
Non-RAID Hard Drive
There are 8 x 2.5" drive bays available for this system
Non-RAID Hard Drive
RAID Controller
RAID Configuration

No RAID volumes configured.

Disk Partition Configuration
Logical DrivePartitions
SATA Disk 1 (931.3 GB) /boot (0.5 GB) / (928.8 GB) swap (2 GB)

Mezzanine Slot
LSI Mezzanine controller card uses this slot. If select QDR, make sure us 1GbE chassis.
Do not mix and match GPU's
GPU Slots 1,3,5,7
GPU Slots 2,4,6,8
Expansion Slot Options
PCI-E gen3
Power Cord
Operating System
XFS Scalable File System
XFS Scalable File System requires Red Hat OS - Make sure select correct # of Socket License
Warranty & Support
On-Site Service
Keep your Hardware Support
Keep your hard drive support allows you to receive replacement hard drive with only a photocopy of the original failed drive.
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