Relion Servers

Leading edge Intel processors on a reliable server platform

Penguin Computing’s Relion series is based on Intel’s latest Xeon E3 Haswell and E5 processors Ivy Bridge.

Relion Intel Xeon E3/E5 server

Relion systems feature:

  • up to 12 cores per processor
  • an improved micro-architecture, based on Intel’s new 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology
  • Higher memory speed support up to 1866 MHz
  • Increased virtualization performance through APIC Virtualization

What this means for you:

  • shorter turnaround times for HPC applications
  • higher density of virtual machines in virtualization environments
  • higher sustainable transactional workloads in web and cloud computing environments.

Relion servers are available in energy efficient 1U, 2U, high density 2U4N and 4U rackmount form factors. A three year warranty is included for every server. We offer a choice of commercial or free Linux distributions that we pre-install free of charge.

1U Role Special Features More info Photo
Relion 109 General purpose server for small/medium business applications, web server, file server, print server, web farms Cost effective, low power consumption info icon Relion 109
Relion 1800g Cost Effective – General Purpose Server Effective Memory population, cost effective, fixed power supply server info icon Relion 1800g
Relion 1800i Versatile general purpose server Large memory, Cost effective info icon Relion 1800i
Relion 1800GT Compact, high-density GPU server 3 GPUs in a 1U chassis ,CPU up to 130W TDP info icon Relion 1800GT
Relion 2800i Storage head node, cluster management node, gateway node Expansion slot options, Storage density info icon Relion 2800i
Relion 2800GT GPU compute platform, Storage gateway Supports high GPU density, Large number of expansion slots, Large memory info icon Relion 2800GT
Relion 2808GT GPU Computing Supports eight full width GPUs/MICs info icon Relion 2808GT
Relion 2840i High Density for HPC Clusters info icon Relion 2840i
Relion 4808GT GPU Computing Supports eight full width GPUs/PHIs with fully power redundancy info icon Relion 4808GT
Relion 4880 High density HPC server Front accessible hot-swappable tray for serviceability, eight nodes in four rack units info icon Relion 4880