Altus Servers

Latest generation AMD Opteron processors for highest core densities

Our Altus product line supports the current AMD Opteron 6300 (Abu Dhabi) and 4300 (Seoul) processor families with up to 16 cores per processor. Learn more about Altus AMD Operton Servers

Altus servers feature:

  • a high core density of up to 64 cores per rack unit
  • 4 memory controllers per processor delivering an aggregate memory bandwidth of up to 51.2GB/s for super-fast memory access for each core
  • HyperTransport3 connectivity between processors for fast access to non-local memory

What do high core density and high memory bandwidth mean for you? You can do more with less:

  • HPC applications run faster
  • In virtual machine environments each server can host more virtual machines
  • In web and cloud computing environments each server can efficiently handle a larger volume of requests

Altus servers are available in energy-efficient 1U, high-density 1U twin and versatile 2U rack-mount form factors. A three year warranty is included for every server. We offer a choice of commercial or free Linux distributions that we pre-install free of charge.

1U Role Special Features More info Photo
Altus 1800i Versatile general purpose server High availability features info icon Altus 1800i
Altus 1804i HPC cluster compute node for large memory applications High core density - Up to 48 cores in one rack unit, Large memory info icon Altus 1804i
Altus 1850i HPC cluster compute node connected to external GPU, HPC cluster compute node, Video server Expansion slots, Great memory performance info icon Altus 1850i
Altus OCP31 HPC compute server Modular OCP design, Up to 768GB of RAM, cost effective info icon Altus OCP31
Altus 2800i Versatile general purpose server with large storage capacity Eight drive bays, High availability features, Expansion slots info icon Altus 2800i
Altus 2804i HPC cluster management node, Virtualization server Large memory, High Availability features, Expansion slots info icon Altus 2804i
Altus 2840 High density system Four servers and up to 128 cores in a 2U rack unit info icon Altus 2840
Altus 2850GTi HPC cluster GPU compute node, large memory applications, File server, Storage gateway server Opteron 6200 support with expansion slots to support two GPUs plus IB and/or 10GbE HCAs info icon Altus 2850GTi
Altus OCP32 General purpose server Modular OCP design, 2 x16 PCI-E slots, cost effective info icon Altus OCP32
Altus 2A20 GPU development platform AMD Fusion APU architecture integrating CPU cores, GPU stream processors and memory controllers - uniform CPU/GPU memory space info icon Altus 2A20