Rackmount Servers

1U/2U/4U Rackmount Servers Powered by AMD and Intel

  • Powered by the latest processors from Intel and AMD
  • Rigorously tested
  • Wide range of configuration options for rackmount servers
  • Linux support ‘out of the box’ – no installation and license charges*
  • Turn-key rack integration services available

Rackmount server solutions from Penguin Computing Linux Pros

*CentOS 5/6 only

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Relion Servers

Intel Xeon Powered Rackmount Servers

Based on Intel’s latest Xeon E3 and E5 processors, our Relion systems offer great balance between price, performance, efficiency, and options. Our e-series specifically addresses the needs of the enterprise. Check out our Intel Server Guide.

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Altus Servers

Altus AMD Operton Powered Rackmount Servers

Penguin’s Altus product line is built on AMD's latest Opteron 4300 and 6300 processors that provide high core counts for highest levels of compute density. Altus servers are available in 1U, high-density 1U twin and versatile 2U rack-mount form factors.

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Servers By Function

  • HPC Compute Servers

    For HPC infrastructures, achieving maximum compute density, including double-density twin nodes


  • Application Servers & HPC Cluster Management Servers

    Reliable, versatile workhorses are engineered to be highly available and can accommodate a variety of interconnect and local storage options


  • Server Farms

    For large, scale-out infrastructures typically operated by cloud or social networking providers


  • GPU Computing

    Incredible performance gains utilizing the current ATI FireStream and NVIDIA Tesla graphics processors