Arctica 3200c Network Switch Features

  • Latest Broadcom Tomahawk packet engine
  • Intel x86 control processor running Linux stack and applications
  • 32x 100 Gigabit QSFP28 ports, each can be split to multiple 25 or 50Gb host links
  • Redundant 2x 800W power supplies to support 100Gb transceiver and AOC options
  • Airflow configurations for both front and rear facing I/O layouts
  • Serviceability – Hot swappable fans and power supplies

Data Sheet

Penguin Computing Arctica switches are cost effective Layer-2/Layer-3 capable top-of-rack switches, with models suited for aggregation and access layer roles. The latest Arctica 3200c model is based on the newest ‘merchant silicon’ platform – The Broadcom Tomahawk, capable of 100Gb, 50Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb and 10Gb link speeds.

Unlike the switch offerings from closed-minded traditional vendors, Arctica white box switches are truly open, enabling customer to deploy the switching stack or SDN solution best suited for the workload. Openness compasses also the choice of high speed interconnect media – broad selection of budget friendly cables and optical transceivers are available. Like all current Arctica models, the Arctica 3200c features an x86 control processor which makes it easy to run open source and custom applications for automated switch provisioning, management and monitoring.

The Arctica 3200c can be deployed in a top-of-rack role to support server deployments with 10, 25, 40 or 50Gb host connections and 100Gb uplinks. In aggregation layer roles, Arctica 3200cs can be used as high performance 100Gb spine switches with multiple L2 and L3 aggregation and routing schemes available.

Penguin Computing recommends using Cumulus Linux, the industry’s first true Linux network operating system that radically reduces operational expenses by simplifying network management. Penguin Computing’s Arctica Operating System provides an alternative software personality with emphasis on SDN feature set based on OpenFlow 1.3. Arctica switches are available with choice of software preloaded, backed by global hardware and software support options.

Arctica 3200c Base System
Switch Chassis
QSFP28 Cables and Transceivers
QSFP28 Cables and Transceivers
QSFP28 Cables and Transceivers
Mounting Hardware
Power Cord
Power cord options for switches with dual AC inlets or a single DC inlet
Hardware Support