Arctica Network Switch Features

Arctica network switches by Penguin Computing provide a family of economical, full-featured, managed switching options. Common networking features include Layer 2 and Layer 3 support, open standards compliance* and up to 12K jumbo frame support.

  • Reduce CapEx by more than 2X compared to popular vendor offerings
  • ONIE enabled, 1U fabric network switches in 1/10/40 GbE, which deliver low latency, full wire-speed interfaces, full section bandwidth switching and redundant power
  • Software-Defined Networking with open technologies enables greater flexibility and customizations. Rigorously tested and qualified software stacks include:
    • Canonical Ubuntu with Broadcom ICOS: delivers a foundational, Linux operating system with the full Layer-2 and Layer-3 feature set of the Broadcom data plane.
    • Cumulus Linux: enables native Linux networking with network-optimized kernel and support for Layer-2, Layer-3, and overlay architectures.
    • Pica 8 PicaOS: delivers Layer-2 and Layer-3 feature sets for OpenFlow, OVSDB, and key SDN protocols on a Linux foundation.
    • MidoNet by Midokura: offers software network virtualization overlay.
  • Arctica network switches are white box switches, providing flexibility and customization opportunities.
  • Fully certified network solutions available, including switches, racks, cable management, cables and connectors

* 802.1, 802.3, OSPF v2/3, BGP V4/6

Software defined high performance data center switch

32 x 100GbE Ethernet Switch

Top-of-rack support for server farms and clusters or as a distribution layer

40Gb datacenter aggregation switch

Suited for both enterprise and data center environments

48 x GbE Layer 3 switch

Well suited for data center out-of-band (OOB) networks, such as IPMI

48 x 1GbE Data Center Switch

Top-of-rack support for server farms and clusters or as a distribution layer

48x SFP+/10Gb ports + 6x QSFP/40Gb ports, copper and optical cabling