Why we love Ceph

I’ve been deploying and playing with Ceph since before its first stable release, Argonaut, in July of 2012. During that time I’ve seen the project mature and grow in exciting ways. I have since had the opportunity to deploy several … Continued

Old Standards Never Die

Last week, I learned that old standards never die, they live on to make life more difficult for years to come. A looong time ago, when I was in college, we used has a VAX server than the VMS operating … Continued

Is Open Compute a Game Changer?

Last week’s fourth Open Compute summit in Santa Clara was accompanied by a huge media buzz. More participants attended than ever before and an increasing number of vendors are jumping on the bandwagon. Why is it such a ‘big deal’ … Continued

How To Calculate HPC Efficiency

Summary HPC efficiency is a measure (percentage) of the actual performance of a HPC system against its theoretical peak performance. Theoretical Peak Performance The theoretical peak performance (GFLOPS) is calculated by the following equation… GFLOPS = node * ( sockets … Continued